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When you leave your valuable belongings in the care of others, you are bound to get a number of questions in your mind. The team at Manteno Self Storage of Manteno, IL will answer all your queries so you can have the peace of mind while you leave your possessions in our care.

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Check out some of the frequently asked questions

1. Can I stack things high?

Yes, the ceiling goes to the roof line: open space.


2. Do I need my own lock and key?

No, we provide them.


3. Is there space for my own lock in addition to the lock you provide?

Yes, there is space for additional locks.


4. Do you prorate when I move in?

Yes, we prorate when you move in but not when you move out.


5. When is my rent due?

On the 1st of the month.


6. Do I have to sign a lease?

Yes, but there is no specified time period on the lease. The lease includes rules on what you can expect from us and what we expect from you, as well as our contact information.


7. Are there any deals when I pay in advance?

Yes, there are discounts for 6- and 12-month advanced payments.


8. Do you have any units that are big enough to hold a car?

Yes, we have units that are the size of one-car garages.

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